Case Study nr 3


Case 3. The client and summary of results

Our client operates as a broker, specializing in selling tickets for international passenger transportation between countries such as UK, Germany, Romania, France, and Italy. The company leverages a network of contracted bus fleets to transport passengers, primarily catering to two customer segments: individuals seeking leisure travel and those commuting for work abroad.

Summary of our results:

  • 408% increase in bookings/sales

  • Maintaining the same Ads budget

Situation and Objectives

We guaranteed a minimum 25% increase in the sales conversion rate and worked diligently to enhance the company’s profitability.

Our client approached us seeking assistance in optimizing their Google Ads campaigns. The primary issue they faced was the high cost of advertising, which was eating into their profitability.
Analysis & Strategy

To address our client’s challenges, we embarked on an in-depth analysis of customer profiling. Our research yielded a fascinating insight: over 80% of potential customers were searching for tickets for immediate travel within the next three days, indicating a sense of urgency.

Strategic Shift: Armed with this data-driven insight, we restructured our strategy. Our initial step was to create a new, streamlined website with just five essential pages. We then redirected Google Ads traffic to this new “mini-website” for an A/B testing phase before making wholesale changes to the original website.

Mini-Website Design: Our mini-website adopted a fresh approach to web design, blending modern UX principles and incorporating behavioral economics tactics. Our goal was to nudge visitors towards contacting our client and making reservations swiftly.

Utilizing Behavioral Economics: One key feature we implemented was displaying the number of available tickets for the current day, the next day, and the day after. This leveraged the psychological principle of “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO), prompting potential customers to act swiftly to secure their tickets.

Optimizing Google Ads: In addition to revamping the website, we also optimized the Google Ads campaign for optimal audience targeting. We meticulously selected the right keywords to ensure our ads reached the most relevant and interested potential customers.


+408% increase in bookings /sales

Maintaining the same Ads budget

May we call Epic Results?

No matter how perfect you think your marketing is, we discover opportunities to make it better.
✓ Expect Become your organization’s hero.

Our Epic Results, Their Words

Ruxandra Bitu, Owner Frinks

A remarkable ROI increase of +4175% was achieved for this top beverage distributor in only two months.

“Frinks partnered with top agencies but struggled with profitability. Profitabil quickly understood our business and guaranteed a minimum 25% increase in sales conversion rate and profitability. But they did 10 times more.

In about 2 months, we witnessed a remarkable +253% boost in sales conversion rate and outstanding profitability. Profound professionalism, unmatched expertise—stand out from other experts.”

Cristina Man, General Manager Valoris

From a startup call center to a leading company in the BPO market with 10 million EUR turnover.

“We have been exclusively working with Profitabil for 16 years on digital marketing consultancy.

The consistent number of leads generated over the years has been a significant factor in Valoris’ development: from a startup call center with 6 people in 2006 to the largest Romanian-owned Business Process Outsourcing company, with 600 employees and a 10 million EUR turnover in 2021.”

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No matter how perfect you think your marketing is, we discover opportunities to make it better.
✓ Expect Become your organization’s hero.
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